Monday, January 28, 2008

28 January 2008 - Changi Airport T3 visit

Yes, I am still here. Looks like we will be waiting another few days to see our precious darling. I have decided to stop pondering over it as there is really nothing much I can do. Hence, to lift my spirits, we have decided to take a trip down to check out the new Changi Airport Terminal 3. Let this be the last outing I have before confinement starts.

T3 is really much bigger as compared to T1 & T2. However, it was very quiet and there wasn't much activities/tourists around, probably as it is still new and some of the airlines & facilities are not established yet. We went to the viewing mall and there were only like.... 3 SIA planes waiting to take off hahaha.

Everything is sparkling new

Derek said that his face looked big so I told him to place it behind me for creating a smaller face effect

We had lunch at Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits, a fast food outlet. It was started in 1972 as a restaurant in the small New Orleans in suburban Arabi. We felt that the food tasted a bit like A&W (but oilier- yes oilier than KFC even!) and for about $14, we had 2 drinks, 4 pc chicken, 2 fries, 1 mashed potato and 2 biscuits. Actually, their so-called biscuits are more like fried scones which we can spread with strawberry jam. For tea, Derek and I shared a cup of Ultimate Ice-blended at The Coffee Bean; it felt so good. I have not had it for quite some time and again, this is another indulgence before I get stuck with the confinement food :)

I read this interesting fact from on Why does labor begin?

"What starts labor is one of the great mysteries of medicine which is a Nobel prize-winning question. One current theory is that stress hormones are released from the adrenal gland of the baby, which creates chemical changes in the placenta that causes the muscle of the uterus to develop involuntary contractions that turn into labor. These regular, frequent contractions and the resulting opening of the cervix signal that labor has begun."

Amazing isn't it?

The website also included a comfort tip on how to keep from going "stir crazy" and bide your time until labor begins- Tired of people checking in on you? Let the answering machine pick up messages for now. And only talk to the people you want to.

I shall do exactly that.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

27 January 2008 - Overdue?

Today is my edd and there is still no signs of popping. Most of the mummies in the forum have popped and I can no longer relate much to the topics that they post; now the topics are post-delivery related issues like breastfeeding, baby crying, jaundice therapy, post natal massages which though relevant to me in time to come, but frankly speaking, does not interest me a bit at this point in time. And it doesn't help much that a lot of people are asking me & Derek the same questions over and over again- "Have you delivered?" It stressed me out big time a few days ago as of all people, we are the ones who are most concerned about that question and if you still see me on MSN, obviously the answer is that I am still waiting. Do you expect me to have delivered and immediately have the energy to chat with you on MSN? Duh.

We went to see Dr Woo yesterday and the next time I see him will be at the delivery ward itself. He said my amniotic fluid level is still good and from the cervix check, I am already 3cm dilated. Was rather surprised to hear that! He mentioned that it could be within these 2 days but nevertheless, we have also scheduled to be admitted on Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008 morning to be induced if Gerrard continues to feel so comfortable in my tummy.

It feels exciting and yet exasperating to be waiting for labor, absolutely something that you have no idea of and no control over. Our lives seems to be living by the hours and days.. every bedtime thought is whether tonight is the night? And every morning, a dash of disappointment sets in as another day has passed and I am still waiting...

Thank god I have Derek by my side during this period. He has been there for me, listening to my complaints, massaging my calves when I shriek in pain during the night, hugging me when I feel down and so much more... I can sense his excitement and slight disappointment too when everyday passes with no signs but he still tries his best to cheer me up. He will not be frustrated like me but instead, he talks tenderly to Gerrard and ask him when is he coming out. Telling Gerrard that we are all awaiting his arrival and don't stay inside Mummy too long as Mummy also feels difficult with him squirming around. When I get irritated with people asking if I have popped, he will explain to me patiently that people are just feeling excited for us. He encourages me in everything.

Well, I just gotta stay positive. May the many mummies out there who are experiencing the same feelings as me stay positive too :) :) :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

21 January 2008 - The waiting game starts

Today is official first day of my maternity leave as my expected due date is this Sunday. I went to see Dr Woo last Saturday and I am 1cm dilated. However, Gerrard is still not fully engaged as his face is facing the left side. Dr Woo mentioned that if I do not deliver by 27 Jan 08, he would have to induce me as baby will be 40 full weeks already. I hope I will be able to pop naturally instead of being induced.

Mum washed the mittens and booties

My tummy at 38 weeks

On Saturday night, I was chatting with a few mummies on MSN. They are all from the Jan 08 Motherhood forum and we were all waiting to pop. Although we have never met, we are bonded by our experiences and it felt very good chatting with them. One of them, Honey was even monitoring her contractions and it was exciting.. like having a "real-time" account of her contractions and how she felt. She delivered the following day :) Another friend I made on the forum is Fern. As she is not working during her pregnancy, we chatted almost everyday on MSN; we are rather similar in terms of character (always easily pissed, tempremental, unreasonable haha) , age (she is one year younger than me) and extremely scared of pain! As such, we clicked really well from the start. Last week, we even said that if we deliver on the same day, we can just scream and yell together. I just read from the forum that she has delivered her darling Elias today- I feel really happy for her.

Gerrard, we are waiting for your arrival, do cooperate with us and may I have a smooth delivery ok. I played the piano for Gerrard today and he was moving throughout :) Or are you coming out on the actual edd so that you can be a little Mozart like what Lovell says?

Friday, January 11, 2008

11 January 2008 - Excited

Eleanor has delivered her Baby Tricia today! As I was instructing this morning followed by a department meeting, I did not logon to MSN nor the Motherhood forum until the afternoon. I did not see her online and thought perhaps she was napping. Then halfway while I was doing my work, my phone beeped. Before I read the message, I was still thinking.. "Scarli it's Eleanor sms-ing me that she has delivered" True enough, that was exactly what it is! I was so excited and happy for her. It took me a while to "regain my composure" and "calm down"; I couldn't concentrate on my work. It was as if I am bursting with excitement and happiness and I am not even the one who has delivered!

Dear Gerrard seems to be still rather comfortable in my tummy. His movements are still rather strong so I wondered if he is engaged already. Tomorrow is my gynae appointment again- hope that everything will go well. I hope I will have the bravery and strength to go through the delivery process. Focus on the outcome of a baby in your arms they tell me... this is "good pain" they say..

Sunday, January 06, 2008

6 January 2008 - Derek's birthday

Happy birthday To Derek Daddy-to-be! There isn't any celebration this year but I bought him a wallet as his old one was spoilt; the compartments were splitting open and he said "Still can use"- and I know that if I had not bought the new one for him, he can really continue using it for another few years.

A small gift from me and baby Gerrard

Yesterday was my 36 weeks gynae checkup. Gerrard is about 2.4kg and Dr Woo commented that he has grown quite a lot from the previous checkup. We were relieved to hear that; may he continue a steady growth till delivery. From now onwards, our checkup will be a weekly affair till due date. I was also given my hospital admission letter. Derek asked Dr Woo whether baby is considered premature if born now and Dr Woo said, if he is born today (5 Jan 08), then yes. If from tomorrow onwards (6 Jan 08), then is not! Haha... coz technically speaking, 37th week onwards is OK to give birth as the organs are fully developed. However, I have a feeling it won't be so early and the fact that I am still blogging here today means I have passed the "premature" mark- :)

Yesterday was also our first visit to car showrooms. Yes, we will be getting a car after Gerrard is born- for convenience and also because the recent cab hikes are ridiculous. I have not stopped complaining since the hikes and I shall not comment further here. Glad that Derek and me are practical people when it comes to cars. As the main purpose is really to have a convenient mode of transport, price and practicability are our concerns more than fanciful designs (which translates to higher prices too).

Despite the weekend promotions enticing us to make a decision, we decided to consider more carefully and wait to see if better promotions will come up again. Basically because we will only need the car around Feb/Mar after Gerrard is born so we are not in a big hurry now. On the other hand, the risk we are taking is that prices may head north. Well, we'll see how it goes. Yes, people who knows me will know that I hate this phrase "see how it goes" as I do not like uncertainties. I prefer things to be planned and in this case, I can manage my expectations if need be. However, I have learnt that for some things, hasty decisions doesn't mean best results. Especially when buying a car is a big investment and it is good to consider longer and weigh out the finances.

Nissan LatioToyota Vios

These are our 2 choices and each have it's pros and cons. Guess that we can never have the best of both worlds- important thing is to know which suits our priorities more.

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