Tuesday, November 18, 2008

13 November 2008- My 28th birthday

Received a birthday sms from my sister this morning and was greeted with the news that Gerrard rolled off the bed last night! Mum told me that he had rolled off onto Siti's mattress on the floor. When Siti found him, he was clinging onto the big bolster like a koala bear and his eyes were staring at her. Mum said he looked a bit puzzled, must be wondering how did he end up on Siti's mattress haha. He didn't cry but my parents gave him some "惊风散” in case he had a scare. My mum was so worried that she did not sleep the rest of the night while Gerrard slept in his hammock. And the 24-year-old bed (yes, it had been there since I was 4 years old) was dismantled the next day.
I received a diamond ring from hubby to my utmost surprise and we had a nice dinner at Ichiban. Even though it was late, we still managed to go and see Gerrard. And what makes me the happiest is that Gerrard has entered into our lives to be part of our family and I feel so blessed to have him. This is my happiest bday ever :)
A quick shot of him when he just woke up

Monday, November 10, 2008

30 October 2008- 9 months old
Gerrard turned 9 months old recently. Wanted to bring him out on Deepavali holiday but on 26 October 2008 morning, after his bath, I noticed a small red spot in his right eye near to his eyeball. I got all panicky coz it was a Sunday and PD is closed. I immediately thought of asking Derek to bring us to TMC for checkup then my mum told me to calm down first. She suggested bringing Gerrard to the GP and see what he says. And Dr Tan has been my family doctor since I was in primary school I think.
On the way to Dr Tan whose clinic was just downstairs my parents' house, I kept asking my mum, does Dr Tan knows how to treat babies? Is he competent? Are you sure? My mum assured me it should be fine, probably Gerrard is a bit heaty. And Dr Tan has 5 children himself, he should know what he's doing :P

Dr Tan diagnosed that Gerrard had a slight eye infection and that was when I realised that the day before, he had some sticky eye-wax on his eye too.. so this is usually an early sign of some infection. Will remember that in future. Dr Tan carried Gerrard and my boy wasn't shy at all. In fact, I think Gerrard seemed to be totally fine with anyone as long as they provide fun! Well, good and bad I guess. He gave Gerrard an eye drop and after 2 days, he recovered. Phew!
So we stayed home during the holidays and Wendy (god-yi-yi) was having fun playing dress up with Gerrard.
"Pirates of the Carribean"

Roarrrrr! Here I come!

Can you see what's on his head? Yes! It's his bedtime pants hahaha- is this Halloween or what?

Ah-ha! I know what you are trying to do....

Mmmm... what do you want me to do this time?

Found this pic of Gerrard in Derek's phone- I think it was taken when he was around 7 months coz now that romper can't fit anymore
Gerrard can't crawl yet and he doesn't really like tummy time too. We tried putting toys to entice him but it just gets him frustrated if he is unable to get them within his reach. Although I can't help wishing he will be "up to speed" soon like his peers but I know we cannot hurry this kind of thing. As long as he is growing up healthily, this should not be the top priority in my list. So just gonna be patient and 加油吧!
He is moving much faster in his walker now- "gliding" from here to there. And he likes to venture into the bedrooms too. My maid and parents must keep a closer eye on him now coz we are afraid he will knock into hard objects.

Mummy placing a ball on his head to tease him

I'm a juggler- Look at me!

Demostrating his "invisible kungfu hands"

This shot shows a double-chin

Shirlyn Yi-yi says Gerrard looks like a big boy here

Sometimes Gerrard will use his hand to tap/pat his head. He does it when he's feeling tired and going to sleep too.. managed to catch a shot here.

Since his 2nd month, Gerrard sleeps with me on the bed and recently, we have moved to sleeping on mattresses on the floor as I'm afraid he will roll over the bed. He is a very messy sleeper like me! Hence, his cot was like a white elephant in the room. I decided to bring it out and treat it like a playpen.

Playing with the wheels on a toy car

Gerrard has 4 teeth now, with a 5th lower tooth sprouting out soon. Last week, he had a new antic; when we ask him "Show me your teeth/ Where is your teeth", he will squeeze his face very tightly and show us his teeth. It looks bad but it is so funny when he does it. Over the weekend, we brought him to dinner with my in-laws family. Although he seldom sees them, he is ok to letting them carry and play with him. They had such fun seeing his funny expressions.

Cheeky shots!

His fav. moments are on weekends where Daddy carries him and kicks balls around. The picture is blur but Gerrard's mouth was wide open in awe!

My current camera is failing me- the pictures seemed to be in an "auto-sepia" mode and there are large "spots" when they are developed. Some of the clearer pictures were taken with Shirlyn's camera. I wanted to get a new one especially one that captures the quick actions of Gerrard.

Gosh, it took me almost 1 hour to type this post. I am not savvy with blog... it takes me very long to organise the format of the entry and the pics! And I'm facing some downside at work recently.. so when I feel down, I think of how Gerrard can make me smile and this makes everything better again. I'm also trying to get Gerrard involved in some trial classes so that he can make some friends- Looking forward to the Jan baby bash in Dec so that I can finally put some faces to the names who have accompanied me during my pregnancy and mummyhood journey :))

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