Tuesday, November 08, 2011

8 April 2011- Getting silly

Gerrard has a great sense of humour and he was really tickled when I showed him the pair of big, round spectacles that Daddy wore for his friend, Ken’s “gate-crashing” on 5 Nov. After putting on the specs, he even asked me to show him to the mirror in the room where he can then take a good look at himself! It is very entertaining to be with him as his words and actions are so cute and funny.

Here are some of his antics:

- saying "Ha Ha Ha" when he sees something funny; yes, he actually says out his "laugh"

- covering his mouth when he is giggling

- Being very serious at times and "reprimands" us for being "Silly Mummy, Silly Daddy"

- whenever he is singing the "Cat in the Hat" adventure song where he moves his hands up and down like the boy and girl characters

- Doing the "snake dance" where he will close his fists and roll both arms round and round. He does this whenever he hears music and sometimes he wiggles his body along too

Makes me wonder where does he get this from?

Humour- yes, from me maybe....

Rhythmic sense of grooving to the beat? Must be from Daddy. Definitely.

7 April 2011 - The Mystery of Smell

I smell Gerrard every day.

In fact, I smell him every now and then, especially when I am giving him a hug. I noticed that Derek smells Gerrard whenever he hugs him too, even if he doesn’t have the baby smell anymore. And this is not something I was specifically told to do, nor had I specifically told Derek to do that. Why I say this is because, being first time parents, we literally had to be told what to do eg. How to burp your baby, how to change diapers, how to carry them and so on. However, this action is our natural instinct to do so.

Since the beginning of time, humans “see” the world largely through eyes and ears and we neglect the sense of smell but yet, mothers can recognise their babies by smell, and newborns recognise their mummies in the same way. This seems to have something to do with the fact that smells retain an uncanny power to move us and each whiff of our kids instantly conjure up scenes and emotions of love and protection.

Isn’t this amazing? This kind of emotion and action grows upon a parent... if you have not given your child a hug recently, go on and hug them today, and take in your deepest breath =)

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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers