Sunday, May 06, 2012

What have we been up to =)

The past few months seemed to have zoomed by (yet again).. it is already May now!

We visited Kids Kampong on a weekend and this is Gerrard's 4th visit. Compared to a year ago where he simply "follows our instructions", he is older now and has his own ideas of which animals to feed. He was careful to spread his feed among the rabbits, fishes and ducks and was very eager to feed carrots to the rabbits. The rabbits have also grown so much bigger, there are no more little bunnies now. And they are rather choosy about food- they do not want just the green grass but demand for the carrots instead.

In February, we attended Belva's 6th birthday celebration at Explorer Kids @ EHub! Belva has also grown up so much, she will be attending Primary 1 next year. The birthday party went very well and then it's off to more indoor playground fun for the kids.

In March, we attended the Open House at Soka Kindergarten where we got to see the work that Gerrard has learnt and done in class. He was rather shy about us going to visit his classroom and intially, he just walked around holding our hands and quietly pointed out his artwork. After a while, he was more confident and pointed out to me his picture in the noticeboard- it was very nicely done up by the teachers.

It has been about 4 months since Gerrard started school at Soka. One day, he surprised me by telling me that teachers have taught them to be "Strong, Righteous and Free"- this is the school motto! Although he is still learning the meanings of these words, I am very proud to hear him say that. Every week, he has a mini homework to be done with us over the weekend and it is to tie in with the Jolly phonics letter he has learnt that week.

We also made more visits to indoor playgrounds- The Singkids system at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and a 2nd trip back to Amazonia. Singkids' features are pretty "basic" but being at airport is a big plus point in terms of travelling for us. During this 2nd visit to Amazonia, Gerrard is more familiar with the features and I think he slided down the mini slide for more than 30 times during our 2 hours there. Seeing that he is so happily enjoying himself makes me & Derek very happy too ~ the joys of parenthood :)

We celebrated Grandma's and Wendy's birthday in April and whenever it comes to birthdays, Gerrard is very thrilled as he gets to blow the candles and indulges in his favourite cake!

We went to the beach today and the sun was scorching hot even before 9am! Managed to capture some shots of Gerrard in his swimming costume and oh boy, my darling son seemed to look so grown-up now! I dug out the pictures of the first time we went to the beach about 1 year ago- he has lost some of the baby fat and has grown up so much. As much as I miss the time when he was a little toddler, I feel very happy seeing him growing up day by day. Very blessed to have him in our lives :))

30 January 2012- Happy 4th Birthday!

To celebrate Gerrard's birthday, we brought him to Amazonia at Great World City. It was the first time we went and the place was by far, the best indoor playground we had seen. Perhaps it was largely because we went on a weekday so the place was not crowded, just nice for us to explore at our leisure.

At the Toddlers Play area, there is a small ball pit and a mini slide, it was just nice to get Gerrard settling in the new environment.
We then went on to the "main course" which is the Jungle Play Gym that is a 6 storey gym with an 8 metre high 4 LEVEL WAVE SLIDE. Gerrard had so much fun exploring each storey and he got more confident with each climb. The wave slide was very fun too! This area is also linked to a bigger ball pit where kids can jump and roll in.

After dinner, we asked Gerrard to select his own birthday cake and had a cozy cake cutting session at home. I love this kind of warm, homely feeling - Cheers to many more birthday celebrations! 

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers