Sunday, December 30, 2007

30 December 2007 - Baby Horoscopes

My EDD is 27 January 2008 (Sunday). However, if Gerrard arrives before 20 January 2008, he will be a Capricorn Baby. If he arrives after that, he will be an Aquarius Baby. This is what I found from the internet about these 2 signs.

The Capricorn Personality

Your little Capricorn will have a quiet, meditative nature ruled by reason instead of impulse and may seem older than his or her years at times. These children are thrifty, reserved, diplomatic, deep thinking, and determined. They are cautious in what they do and say. They know what they want and they usually get it by methodically planning every detail ahead of time-they like to take their time with things, learning lessons well along the way.

Capricorn children are receptive to down-to-earth activities. They feel a deep sense of responsibility and love being praised for a job well done. Parents should take time with their Capricorn child to show them the joy of touch and sharing comfort. Though typically practical and serious, the Capricorn often has a well-developed sense of wit and humor and is also known for being reliable.

Capricorns are industrious and ambitious. They often love wealth for the power and prestige it brings them. The Capricorn is talented in mechanics, engineering, and politics. Literary and religious things also interest them. They make excellent executives and love responsibility in any field they enter. Capricorns often delay marriage until late in life, but once married they are faithful and devoted.

Capricorns are most compatible with Virgos and Taurus signs.

This sounds really like his dad!

The Aquarius Personality

Your Aquarian has a faithful and dependent nature and at times may be difficult to understand. He or she is patient, unobtrusive, faithful, and very kind. Aquarians may not always defend themselves against injustice and can be quiet when they need to stand up for themselves. Aquarians avoid arguments and are easy to get along with. The Aquarian child likes people and wants to be liked in return. This child loves learning and is curious about life and its mysteries.

The Aquarian child may want to approach plans quickly and with gusto. Aquarians tend to start at the top rather than the bottom but can usually handle challenges with their ability to learn new tasks quickly.

Aquarians are talented in many areas and can succeed in scientific research as well as executive management. They can sell anything to anyone and are well liked in social circles. They do their best in large corporations with performance incentives.

And Wolfgang Mozart was born on 27 January too! Hmm...

Anyway, this is just for fun. Most importantly is that I have a smooth delivery and Baby Gerrard is healthy :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 December 2007 - 10th year anniversary

Just wanted to drop a short note as today is a really special day. It marks the ocassion of our 10th year anniversary and 12 December 1997 was the day we got together as a couple. When I think back, time seemed to have flown past so fast but the path has definitely not been easy. It was always when I start to see a glimpse of light then something will happen to dim it once again. Only my closer friends and family would understand what I mean by this. However, despite having experienced lots of rough patches, there is still a part deep down in my heart which believes that with love, it can help us to overcome obstacles. In fact, it is through those obstacles that allow us to realise and see things from another angle, right? I will try and stay positive :)

Extracts of our years together

Yesterday I chatted with Apple on msn and they may be coming back next month to visit their family. I hope she'll come back as I miss her but I too understand her reason for thinking of not coming back as well. Sometimes there are just many options in life but we have to prioritise as we can't have the best of all worlds. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing her, provided that I still have not delivered by then as many people have told me that usually will deliver before EDD.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

9 December 2007 - Lazy sunday

It's pouring heavily at the moment as year end is usually the rainy season. This is the closest to "winter" that Singaporeans can experience.

Went for my gynae appointment yesterday. Gerrard is growing well and Dr Woo seemed pleased. Our baby is currently about 1.6kg which is the average weight and my own weight was maintained at around 47kg. I was worried about the weight of Gerrard being on the small side so yesterday's results took a huge load off my mind. Perhaps the durians and Anmum helped! From now on, I'll be seeing Dr Woo every fortnight.

On Friday, I watched a movie alone while waiting for Derek to get off work. It took gave me some time off for myself after being pretty bogged down by work the past few weeks. It is not the first time I have watched a movie alone and although it may sound sad to some people, I am totally fine with it. To me, it's no big deal and I remembered once when Derek and me wanted to watch different shows so we ended up watching alone respectively then meeting up again after the shows ended.

I watched "The Heartbreak Kid" starring Ben Stiller. In the movie, he met this incredibly sexy and seemingly fabulous Lila and proposed to her after a few weeks of dating, fearing that this could be his last chance at love, marriage and happiness. However, while on their honeymoon in sunny Mexico, Lila reveals her true awful nature; singing non-stop, wants lots of sex, snores, ex drug addict and no job. Meanwhile, the guy meets another woman whom he realises to be his actual soul mate and he attempts to woo her while keeping his horrid wife at bay. The show was ok, average, typical boy-meets-gal comedy which I like. However, I am not sure if it was rated RA(21) due to some sexual content, I actually saw some old/ middle-aged men watching by themselves. I felt a bit sick as I couldn't help but imagine the reason why they were there.
I bought a 4-leaf clover keychain for Hazel during my company's secret Santa gift exchange. The 4 leaves are supposed to represent love, health, happiness and wealth. I hope it brings a smile to her face and everything will turn out better for her.

Hazel's gift

There were actually other keychains available and I really liked the Winnie the pooh one. It had 4 charms- Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore and a Honey pot which the 4-leaf clover was embedded in. It looked really sweet and cute but it costs $32 which I found was too expensive. Should be because of the Disney trademark and I was really tempted to get it but I stopped myself. Nowadays, I will be less willing to "pamper" myself as there will be this thought in my mind that "the money can be better spent on Gerrard next time..." I don't know if this is a sign of "maternal instincts". I suddenly remember a scene in Desperate Housewives where Lynette wanted to buy an expensive suit as she rejoined the workforce but Tom stopped her, saying "Parents have no indulgences". How true.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

2 December 2007 - Sharing in the joy

X'mas is around the corner and this year, I have finally fulfilled my wish of having a christmas tree at home despite it being a really mini one. Have decided to wait till next year or so to get a bigger one; at least till my baby is older and he can join in the fun of decorating the tree.

Miniature Xmas tree

Was in town to attend Daphne's wedding lunch today. Too bad it was a lunch and hence ended around late afternoon. Was hoping to be able to catch the x'mas lights in town as I love seeing the x'mas decorations; everything seems extremely magical albeit us living in a crazy world of stress, traffic jams, crowds and upside-down climate changes.

We went to Carrefour Suntec City to buy the Toyogo container box for storing the baby's stuff at my mum's house. I have tried going to many places to find the container as my mum was so particular about the size. I reckon that with this settled, I will be able to start washing the baby clothes already as most will be kept at my mum's house since I will be there for my confinement.

We have decided on a name for our baby boy - Gerrard Ng. As for the chinese name, will be waiting till Gerrard is born then we will seek consultation from the fortune teller. Gerrard has been moving quite a bit these days, especially in the middle of the night. And now the movements are stronger, as in I could feel the left and right sides moving together as compared to last time where movements are usually concentrated on one side. However, what is most important is that Gerrard is growing healthily inside me. That is what all parents wish for I guess.

8 months pregnant

Gerrard, we are waiting excitedly for your arrival!

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