Friday, February 19, 2010

19 February 2010 - A busy start to a new year
The beginning of the year used to be rather quiet for me as the only "event" was Derek's birthday in January. The lunar new year was also quiet in relative to some other people as I have few relatives in Singapore and basically our visiting can be completed in 1 day max.
However, since I gave birth to Gerrard, my busy time will usually start from Nov where it's mine & Shirlyn's birthdays, followed by Xmas and New yr hols, then Derek's birthday, Gerrard's birthday, followed by CNY celebrations.

Derek's family & friends came over to our place for steamboat and catching up during Gerrard's birthday celebration.

Self-made birthday card by Wendy

The 1st day of CNY coincides with Valentine's Day on 14 Feb 2010- the last time it happened was 58 years ago. Liting & Ken decided to mark this memorable day by registering their marriage! The function room was nicely done up and during the time there, I was actually more in the "marriage-love" mood and almost forgot that it's CNY :) We spent the whole afternoon there before proceeding to Holland V for the gathering with Derek's family.

Grand Mercury Roxy Hotel- the CNY decor at the lobby was very nice and Gerrard was excited to see the "Dong Dong Chiang"

The solemnisation

Due to some last minute plans, we were unable to visit Derek's aunt on the 2nd day of CNY. As Gerrard has been requesting to go airport for the longest time, we brought him there in the evening. I expected it to be very quiet and was looking forward to a nice leisurely meal but how wrong was I! It was twice as crowded as compared to a typical weekend and even when we were leaving around 9pm, there were still people who just reached!

Posing with the seahorse in his signature grin =)

Giving Grandma a kiss!

Recently, I have been hooked on Cathay Glass. She, who writes under a pseudonym, has been a foster carer for more than 20 years and I just happened to pick up one of her books, Damaged, at San Bookshop and I finished it within 5 days. Her writing style is very engaging and easy to read. And best of all, it is the first time I could read a book in a moving car without having a headache! I was so touched by the story that I wrote an email to her and guess what? I received her reply that I had never expected to. She even posted my comment on her blog I continued to rent the rest of her books but Damaged is still the best so far- I feel somewhat like a fan chasing her idol to some extent!

Recently, I've been tasked with quite a bit of projects at work and there's gonna be lots of changes and new exposures. I need all the luck I can have so I just hope that everything will go smoothly. Am also thinking of planning a short trip but that's really too early to confirm anything yet. Hope we can make it!

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