Tuesday, March 30, 2010

21-25 March 2010 – Yokoso Japan!

With each day leading to the day we are leaving for our trip to Tokyo (yes, we have finally decided to go after so much contemplations), I tried to tell Gerrard that he won’t be seeing Mummy & Daddy for 5 days and during that time, he will stay at Grandma’s house. Sometimes, he will nod and say ok but sometimes, he will tell me no. He grew more and more “sticky” to me, to the extent that each morning when I was going to bring him over to my mum’s place, he will say that he don’t want to go to grandma’s house. After coaxing and he finally agrees to go, he will hold on to me, refusing to let me go to work. There are so many times when I thought of giving up the tickets coz I cannot bear to imagine him crying when he can’t see me.

On the actual day, he cling onto me all the time, like a baby koala bear. I really left for Japan with a very heavy heart. This is the 1st time in my life that I actually had such a feeling for anyone.

I called home everyday while we’re in Tokyo and to my surprise, Gerrard was actually coping very well! The first day when he woke up, he asked for mummy but Grandma told him that mummy went to work and will only be back on Friday. He nodded and continued with his playing.. I felt so relieved and glad that my son has sort of grown up and he understands.
We had lots of fun in Tokyo and we miss Gerrard just as much. I hope the next trip we go to, we will be going as a family.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

27 February 2010- First school day

Gerrard started his 1st Toddlers Playgroup weekend programme at Zoophonics Tampines Mart today. He's still very shy as it's 1st time attending a proper class (previously, he attended a trial class at Little Neuro Tree when he was 1 yr old). However, as the parent is allowed to go in with them, I am there to assure him and guide him along. Hope that he'll settle well soon =)

7 Mar 2010- Gerrard's new house!

We went IKEA Tampines this morning for breakfast- I love IKEA coz the food is nice at a reasonable price, it's rather kids-friendly with lots of parking lots, it's near my place and it's very spacious for Gerrard to roam around.

While window shopping, Ati pointed out this tent to me and Gerrard, saying that Gerrard has always said he wanted to build a house. We bought it back and after fixing it, our boy was apprehensive at first about going in. I threw in all his colour balls and went in to start playing around and slowly, he followed me. Soon after, Gerrard kept wanting to "invite" us into his house; I stuck the fish he made in class to the door to indicate that it's his special house =)

My cheeky son

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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers