Monday, June 26, 2006

25 June 2006- Food Tasting & Collection of Invitation cards

Went for our food tasting today. However, due to my cough and blocked nose, I could not really taste the food very well. Other than just tasting the food, this is an opportunity for both families to meet up and interact with one another.

Seeing the elders making an effort to engage in conversations despite the fact that they do not know one another very well sort of touched my heart. It made me see that actually marriage is not just solely between 2 people in love (which was what I always thought) but a union of two families.

And to our pleasant surprise, my mum's cousin is actually the in-laws of Derek's first aunt... what a coincidence!

We finally decided on the ivory-coloured invitation cards so the next step is to source for printers and try to finalise the guests list. Feeling tired and drowsy due to my medication... I must recover soon and get back to work. I'm not gonna let a host of germs get me down. Life's too short for that.

Monday, June 05, 2006

05 June 2006 - Moving House

We are moving into our new house today... woohoo! Have been busy buying loads of miscellaneous stuff for the house the past few days. Everytime after buying, I will realise that I had forgotten to get something else. Guess its our "kiasu" nature, wanting to buy as much as possibly needed first- it was as if the shop/supermarket is going to close down after today or something :P

I have also made many trips to the new house to put my barang barang as well- bags and bags of them. I am trying to set a resolution- to not buy so many things on impulse as 1) alot of space is wasted to accomodate these impulsive buys 2) money wasted as well.

This is a new step in our marriage life... wish us all the best!

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