Saturday, October 11, 2008

11 October 2008- Updates from 6 months- Pictures Galore!

I realised that my last post was in June- Gosh! 4 months had passed by and it was through a short chat with fellow Jan08 MTB "Mylife" that spurred me to start blogging again. Thanks "Mylife"!

The reason is I have been tied down with work as usual and on weekends, my hands are full with Gerrard. I do have a bit of time to blog but have no energy to do so. Sometimes, it's a choice between slapping on some moisturiser or blogging so I only have the energy to do the "must-do". I have also not logged on to the forum for a long time so hopefully, we can still keep in touch via our chatboards on blogs. Missing you guys- Fern, Kitsune, Godsent, Violetice, Icy, QQ, Steph77, Joyce, Angelsky, Mylife.... and I can see from your blogs that your princes and princesses are all growing up so well- Let us all give ourselves a pat on the back!

Gerrard started taking porridge from Month 5 onwards as recommended by Dr Ho. Grandma prepares the food for him, consisting of fish, pork, spinach, carrots, brocoli, potato, tofu and sometimes ikan billis. He loves his porridge and his favourite fruit is apple!

A typical weekend spent playing with Mummy & Daddy- We were just back from lunch at Ikea

Sneaking a look at us as I "forbid" him to put his hands into his mouth

Gerrard had fever around end Aug- early Sept. I remembered it started on a Thursday and my mum called me at work. I told her to give him the infant panadol and when I went to see him after work, the fever had subsided but I still decided to stay over at my mum's place to be with him for the night.

During the night, the fever started again and I took urgent leave to bring him to Dr Ho on Friday. He was prescribed panadol, running nose medicine and anti-biotics. And the fever went up and down throughout the weekend. It tested our patience as both Derek and me were anxious about Gerrard and in the course of that, we snapped at each other easily. And it doesn't help that Gerrard was sick and hence fussing quite a bit. On Sunday, his fever finally went down but he started to develop rashes all around his body on Sunday night. Once again, I rushed home from work on Monday and Dr Ho said it's Fake Measles. I have never heard of it before but she said it's common among babies usually after a fever. We had to apply calamine lotion on him all over and he got better after a few days. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when he was well again.

Balls and cars are his favourite toys

Rubber ducky float present from YiYi during Taka Baby Fair- we used it to contain balls for playing


In all serious-ness when he sees me with a camera

Just woke up in the morning and waiting for his porridge

Brought him back to Changi Airport T3 when we were on leave

Till next time everyone!

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