Saturday, October 23, 2010

8 October 2010 - Our First

Kenneth & Liting had their traditional tea ceromony on 8 October and Gerrard was tasked with an upmost important job- to open the car door for the groom! The night before, I explained the task to him and we practiced with 2 alphabet blocks as I told him that after opening the door, he needs to pass the oranges to Uncle Ken.
Getting ready to go to Ah Ma's house

Opening the car door

Part I- Successful!

15 October was the wedding banquet at Oriental Hotel. Gerrard was dressed in a suit and many people praised him for looking so smart!
I love this picture- they look so cute standing together!

Although he could not understand all of it coz in the bridal suite, he said it's Gu Gu's house; overall he appeared to enjoy himself. I reckon he thought it is just a very big dinner where a lot of people were eating together =)

Part II- Grand Finale, well done my boy!

Many people could not understand why I am making such a big fuss over Gerrard attending a wedding but it is indeed a significant milestone for him. It is the first time we brought him along to attend a wedding dinner together and is indeed a significant milestone for us as a family. It really took us a lot to reach this stage and I heaved a huge relief that all turned out so well.

Monday, October 11, 2010

10 October 2010 - Touched

Me: Gerrard, quick sleep, mummy needs to work tomorrow
Gerrard: I don't want mummy work
Me: Mummy needs to work, then will have money to buy a lot of toys for u
Gerrard: I don't need a lot of toys, mummy don't work

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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers