Sunday, May 09, 2010

9 May 2010- One of my son's favourite things..

Every night after we switched off the lights and getting ready for bed, here's how the conversation will go:

Mummy: Good night, Gerrard..
Gerrard: Good night, Mummy..
Mummy: I love you, Gerrard...
Gerrard: I love you too... (sometimes, he'll say, I love you three, I love you four... I think he
mixed it up with "two")
Mummy: Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams...
Gerrard: Sleep tight, sweet dreams, dream of.... toys, books,
Mummy:... cars, balls, numbers, alphabets....

Then I'll sing the ABC song till he falls asleep..

Gerrard is able to recognise and recite A until Z and 1 until 100 before he was 2 years old. He has a natural keen-ness to read out numbers and alphabets whenever he sees them.

Delighted to see the alphabets poster at IKEA

7 May 2010- "Lilo"

Gerrard met a new friend today- a very chatty "Jie-jie" at the children's slide @T3. She's a lovely girl and even agreed to take a picture with us. At first sight, she reminds me of Lilo =)

6 May 2010- We are going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo......!
We brought Gerrard on his first visit to the zoo today! Set off around 8.30am and reached there around 9.20am due to the morning traffic jam. The weather was very hot and I packed along water, porridge, milk, change of clothes and shorts, umbrella, mosquito patches...

Having a Barney ride at the kids' shop- it's my favourite place as it's air-conditioned! A great relief from the scorching heat!

Gerrard enjoyed the Children's playground the most- his 1st time playing with water in an outdoors area! He had so much fun splashing and kicking the water with Daddy.

I love this pic- he looks so thrilled to run under the water!

After lunch, we managed to catch the elephants feeding time and I guess elephants are his favourite animals! He was so brave and fed the elephants some bananas and was amused by another elephant nearby who was swinging his trunk in full circle =)

2 April 2010- Weekend with the ponies

Gallop Stable @ Pasir Ris Park houses imported children friendly ponies which are specially schooled for children riding activities. We brought Gerrard there to have a look but perhaps it was due to his 1st time seeing a real pony, he was rather scared and kept wanting us to carry him. He did not even want to walk on the pavement next to the ponies. Shirlyn & me ended up being the ones who had a fun time feeding the ponies. Their mouths and teeth felt slighly wet when they slurped up the feed from us. We'll try to bring Gerrard the next time when he's older =)

Gallop Stable
61 Pasir Ris Green
Singapopre 518225
Tel : 6583 9665
Fax : 6583 7282

Operating Hours : Pony Rides / Lessons
Daily (except Tuesday) - 8am to 11am / 2pm to 7pm

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