Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4 July 2010- Last Day of "Nature" theme at Zoophonics

We've reached the last of the "Nature" theme at Gerrard's weekend Zoophonics class today. For the past few weeks, Teacher Noreen has taught about the different plants and animals in the rainforest and today's session ended with a lovely story about having a Flower Garden anywhere you like; in a box, in a vase etc. showing the children that the beautiful view of the colourful flowers is not just limited to being in a garden.

Gerrard's craft works

Gerrard has been attending the classes for about 4 months now- I can see the improvements he made. Though not by leaps and bounds, but I feel so proud when I see him slowly joining in the songs, dances and story-tellings. He enjoys the craft work too and going to class gives both of us a bright start to the weekend!

His signature cheeky smile

Gerrard is rather talkative and he LOVES to sing. Everyday, he'll be singing and singing, with actions sometimes. And he loves to listen to stories so I've bought lots of books to read with him. Recently, there was the word "enormous elephant" in one of the books so he asked me what is that? I told him it means very, very big. To my surprise, he actually remembered when Yi Yi asked him the next day! We were so tickled and proud of my little darling.

6 June 2010- 'Peace' sign for the camera

Gerrard has recently mastered the 'peace' sign when posing for the camera. Before this, he was about to indicate number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 with his fingers but now he also knows how to hold up the number '2' when taking pictures- it's so cute to see him posing =)

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers