Friday, September 25, 2009

24 Sep 2009- Arrival of Baby Rainee

Derek and me went to TMC to visit Apple today. Her beloved princess Rainee arrived on 23 September 2009 at 2043hr. Both mum and baby are doing well. Rainee looked so cute and I was so tempted to hold her. Never mind, will carry her during her baby shower :)

We also went to look at the babies in the nursery- they were all sleeping soundly in their cribs, covered snugly in their towels and blankets. I guessed that's where the saying "little bundles of joy" came about! The visit brought back a lot of fond memories when I delivered Gerrard- and he is such a big boy now.

Hope all goes well for Apple's confinement and Gerrard will have a new friend soon!

Monday, September 21, 2009

21 Sep 2009- Our 44th day without a maid

Today is our 44th day without a maid. We are still surviving simply becoz life still goes on whether things are going your way or not. Now is no longer about myself only but I still have a child to care for regardless of me being tired, having to gobble down my food, having no time to catch a movie I really wanted to watch etc etc.. This is the greatness of being a mum! :))))))

I do not hope for a super maid, I just want someone who can get along with my mum and can look after Gerrard properly. Isn't it time my luck changed for the better?

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