Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The FIRST time we had Western Food as a family outdoors

Sometime in mid February 2013, we had our FIRST western food meal as a family outdoors. A "proper" one meaning everything in the menu is western food. Western food has never been our choice because Gerrard prefers Chinese cuisine that contains his 4 main must-haves: Rice, Vegetables, Meat and Soup. Maybe it could be due to too much of Chinese food dining (plus the recent CNY feasting), we wanted something different for a change and the experience was really nice as we went to one of the best western food casual dining I've eaten- LENAS at Tampines 1. 

LENAS is an American Italian restaurant that serves decent food at decent prices. Although the main course serving is not very huge, the side dishes are and it tastes great. Overall, we felt satisfied and full after our dinner and Gerrard was happy with his first attempt at Western food =)

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