Saturday, December 01, 2012

Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Road Show 28 November 2012

We went for our First ever theatre show today - the Mickey Mouse Rockin' Road Show. It was at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre and the story was about Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy setting out on a zany road trip to find "talents" around the world to perform in their talent show. Gerrard was really excited for his first theatre show and kept hurrying and reminding us of the time throughout dinner. 

 Very happy with his popcorn that he wants it in every picture!
The Grand Theatre is really huge- it is a world class theatre that can seat 2,155 guests over three levels. I had a majestic feeling the moment I stepped in and imagined the number of great shows that must have taken place there since it opened. 

 Waiting eagerly for the show to start
 Popcorn again!
Through the incorporation of a giant video screen and multiple scenic projection panels, we were treated to a truly visual experience and whisked away on literally a road trip with Mickey & Friends! The moving backdrop took us through country hillsides, a cactus-filled desert, a royal village and even underwater!


 Cinderella- the singing talent

 Tigger, the bouncy talent

 Buzz Lightyear 

 The Grand Finale

Gerrard enjoyed the show although he was disappointed that he couldn't see his favourite Daisy Duck! And guess what, the characters he remembered (and liked) from the show are Cinderella's 2 step sisters! I think they are really funny and made him laugh with their performance =)

The duration of the show is just right for kids and I think 4-5 years old is a good age to bring them to such shows. If the kids are too young, they may not really understand the performance or be startled by the loud music and exaggerated movements. This show is a combination of hilarious escapades, hip music and modern choreography that fuse together to present the Disney characters. It is a fun filled getaway in the middle of the week! 

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